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First, the bad news: It has become increasingly clear that we were not going to reach our original goal for Attack of the Doc to fund. And so, I canceled our first Kickstarter campaign. 

Now, the good news: The lessons learned will help us to relaunch with a much better campaign to reach our ultimate goal of seeing Attack of the Doc get made. So to kick things off, we created this website where you will be able to register to be among the first to jump back in. And you really do want toregister with your email because it's the only way you'll find out about how to attend our kick off party in Los Angeles!!!

There's so much more to tell you, but everything will be revealed when the new campaign launches. Thanks again for all your enthusiasm and support. This is just one of many steps on a long road toward bringing a documentary to life about Attack of the Show

Now get ready for the countdown as we prepare to make a doc together. Onward!

Chris Gore

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